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Leveraging the Follow-the-Sun Model for Software Development: A Strategic Approach.

Updated: May 10

In an increasingly connected world, businesses seek innovative strategies to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. One such strategy that has gained significant traction in the global software development industry is the "Follow-the-Sun" model. This operational strategy involves coordinating work across different time zones, allowing for round-the-clock productivity and continuous progress on projects. Here, we explore how companies can implement this model by establishing teams in Vietnam, leveraging the strategic advantages to drive efficiency and competitive advantage.

Understanding the Follow-the-Sun Model

The Follow-the-Sun model is a workflow strategy designed to increase efficiency by distributing tasks across multiple geographic locations. By doing so, companies can effectively extend their operational hours, as one team hands off work to another team in a different time zone at the end of their day. This continuous cycle not only speeds up project timelines but also ensures that work is being advanced 24/7, maximizing productivity and reducing time-to-market for software releases.

Strategic Benefits of Implementing Follow-the-Sun in Vietnam

1. Maximizing Productive Hours

Vietnam's time zone (GMT+7) presents a unique advantage for companies in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. For American companies, Vietnamese teams can continue developing software during the U.S. nighttime, essentially doubling the productive hours available per day. European and Australian companies also benefit from significant overlap during their business hours, allowing for real-time collaboration combined with the advantage of extended after-hours work.

2. Enhanced Collaboration and Innovation

Having teams in different time zones encourages a more structured, continuous communication strategy, ensuring that all team members are aligned with the project’s goals and progress. This setup promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering innovation as insights from one team can be expanded upon by another, bringing diverse perspectives that enhance the creative process.

3. Risk Mitigation and Client Support

The Follow-the-Sun model allows companies to provide their clients with around-the-clock support, which is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction and quickly resolving issues as they arise. Additionally, this model distributes operational risks; issues detected by one team can be immediately addressed by another, minimizing downtime and operational delays.

Setting Up a Follow-the-Sun Model with Vietnamese Teams

1. Establishing Your Team in Vietnam

Partnering with an organization like Sibyl Teams to set up a remote team in Vietnam is the first step. Sibyl Teams offers managed insourcing services that streamline the process of recruiting, hiring, and managing a technical team in Vietnam. This service includes setting up the infrastructure, managing HR and legal compliance, and ensuring the team is fully integrated into your company's culture and operational standards.

2. Coordination and Workflow Management

To effectively implement the Follow-the-Sun model, it's crucial to establish clear communication protocols and handover processes. This involves setting up standardized tools and platforms for project management and communication that all teams can access and utilize efficiently. Regular synchronization meetings, clear documentation, and overlap hours for key team interactions also support seamless transitions between teams.

3. Cultural and Process Integration

Ensuring that all teams, regardless of their location, feel integrated into the company's culture and fully engaged with the company’s goals is vital. This can be achieved through regular training sessions, team-building activities, and visits between locations. Additionally, aligning work practices and standards across all teams ensures consistency in the quality and approach to software development.


Implementing a Follow-the-Sun model by establishing teams in Vietnam offers significant strategic advantages for global software development companies. This model not only maximizes productivity by extending working hours but also enhances customer support and drives faster innovation through continuous work cycles. With its strategic geographic location, competitive cost structure, and growing pool of tech talent, Vietnam is ideally positioned to be part of this efficient and effective operational strategy. Companies looking to stay ahead in the competitive field of software development will find that incorporating Vietnamese teams into a Follow-the-Sun model not only achieves these goals but also sets the stage for sustainable long-term growth and success.



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