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Hire world-class technical talent in Vietnam by opening your own office.

Save 50% on people costs, while hiring some of the world's best developers & creatives. We make it happen for you.

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What our Clients Say About us


Shannon Perell

CEO, arcadeXR

“I am delighted to share my experience partnering with Sibyl to build our new team in Vietnam. From the very beginning, the Sibyl team has been incredibly supportive, providing the guidance and expertise that's been critical to the successful launch of our new studio.

Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence is evident in everything they do. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our partnership is a success, and I am grateful for their hard work and dedication.

I highly recommend Sibyl to anyone looking to expand their team into Vietnam.”


Peter Söderbaum 

Art Director, Trailblazer Games

"I would gladly recommend Sibyl for anyone looking to start or grow a team in Vietnam. They have been incredibly attentive to our needs and helped us assemble a high performing art department in record time.

They expertly navigated the local business landscape to ensure we had everything we needed, finding great talent for us and providing expert guidance and support along the way.

The whole process was smooth and enjoyable and I would recommend Sibyl in a heartbeat for anyone looking to tap into the amazing talent pool in Vietnam and create an amazing team at a fraction of the cost."


We empower companies to tap into Vietnam’s expansive and cost-effective talent pool with their own in-house team. We abstract away the complexity of setting up in Vietnam with our full-stack services.

How we Work

We source & screen Vietnam’s top talent

You make the final hiring decisions.

We rent & manage a city center office.

Your team enjoys a great work environment

We hire your team members as full-time employees

Your staff gets full pension, bonuses, and insurance.

We maintain a fully compliant legal entity & pay taxes.

You have peace of mind, with a single monthly bill from a trusted partner.

We run daily local operations in HR, Finance, IT, Legal.


You focus on building great products your users will love.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Ho Chi Minh City easy to get to?
    Yes. Tan Son Nah International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) is connected to cities around the world including direct daily flights from London, Paris, Istanbul, and Frankfurt. And Ho Chi Minh City is closer to Singapore than it is to Hanoi, as the crow flies! From the airport to your office in the city center will be around a half hour drive.
  • What is the technical talent pool like in Vietnam?
    Vietnam has become one of the world’s premiere software development hubs. The local universities and tertiary education programmes are graduating around 75,000 diploma holders annually with degrees in software and IT. Large multinationals, venture-funded startups, and Vietnamese firms employ 100’s of thousands of software developers collectively, which makes for a scalable, diverse software talent pool.
  • What is the creative talent pool like in Vietnam?
    Vietnam has been a nation of artists and artisans for millennia, with neolithic relics dating back to 8,000 BC. Those traditions carry on to the present day in the motion and electronic arts. There is a large and diverse pool of creative talent working in video games, film and television, animation, illustration, and creative design. You will find experts in many platforms and game engines like Unreal, Unity, Firebase, Web 3.0, and others.
  • Is there a Video Game Industry in Vietnam?
    Ho Chi Minh City is in the top 10 global cities for game development now, on par with Montreal, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Tokyo, and Seoul. There are a dozen or more very large game studios and outsourcing shops in Vietnam, and at least a hundred start-ups, indie studios, and smaller operators.
  • What are some of the other advantages of building software in Vietnam?
    Vietnam has a vibrant economy, stable political situation, and young, digital-native workforce (median age of 32). There is also enough working hours overlap with Europe, the Middle East, and Australia to accommodate direct integration of your insourced team with your workflows. Because we recruit only form the top 25% of the talent pool, and pay our staff accordingly, we can recruit all-English-speaking teams.
  • Is there a minimum team size?
    The minimum is a team of 5. This ensures there’s enough scale to get a great office space, and for us to deliver a fully managed “white glove” style service.
  • How does the office work?
    We will rent (at our expense) a premium, private office for your team in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This will include air-conditioning, security, high speed internet, a weekly cleaning service, receptionist services, and all office fixtures and furniture. Each office is private and has a door with a lock, ensuring your assets and information are secure.
  • Can I come visit the team? Can they visit me?
    You can show up at any time to visit your remote team, without even telling us. We endeavor to rent a few extra seats for each team to precisely accommodate this. Some of our clients have also brought members of their Vietnam team to their head office on business trips.
  • How can I buy equipment and items for my Vietnam team/office?
    Included in your rate are all the basics your team will need (furniture, office fixtures, computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc). You’re only responsible for purchasing laptops or desktops. You may elect to order these online and have them shipped directly to your office. Your office will have a receptionist who can receive delivered parcels for your team. Alternatively, Sibyl offers an optional procurement service where we purchase the items and bill you later, subject to a 10% procurement fee. It’s up to you.
  • Can I relocate one of my international team members to Vietnam?
    It depends. We can sponsor a 2-year work visa for a foreigner, but this will be subject to a minimum team size of at least 10 persons. This is a complicated process in Vietnam and will require a ludicrous amount of paperwork. But ultimately, yes, we can make it happen. Visiting the team for a few weeks is easy, however, and citizens of many countries have Visa on Arrival arrangements with Vietnam.
  • What if I just need a short-term team or resources?
    Sibyl Teams is designed to be a great alternative to opening your own entity and office in a D.I.Y. style. Your staff are joining your company as a career choice, not as a gig. However, we may be able to help in other ways through our partners if you have a specific development need. Please reach out, and we can discuss your goals.
  • How much does Sibyl Teams cost?
    You pay a monthly rate for each remote staff in your Vietnam office, and only when they’ve been hired. The monthly rate is fully loaded to include their salary, pension, insurance, office rental, annual bonus, and all our services. While the rate varies by seniority, job family, and skillset, you’ll save more than 50% compared to the equivalent hire in Europe, Australia, Singapore, or North America. There is a one-time onboarding fee for each staff, to cover recruitment and other up-front costs, payable in the month they start work.
  • How long does it take to ramp up a team?
    We typically have teams up and running within 2-3 months of contract signing, and sometimes faster. We source, screen, and propose talent for your interviews through both direct, outbound recruitment and in partnership with two great talent agencies.
  • Is there any upfront investment?
    There are no upfront fees. You only begin paying as and when your team has been hired and onboarded. This can save you up to $50,000 in start-up costs compared to establishing and capitalizing your own legal entity.
  • In which currencies can I pay?
    Our standard rates are denominated in US Dollars. However, we can also accommodate contracting in: SGD$, Euro, GBP, JPY, AUD$, VND, CNH, NOK, SEK, THB, NZD$, and CAD$. Just let us know your preferences at the time we contract.
  • Do I need access to Vietnamese Dong?
    No. One of the benefits of Sibyl Teams is that you will contract in a major international currency with Sibyl’s Singapore HQ. This avoids the need to transact in VND, which is a relatively illiquid currency which can attract unfavorable exchange rates.
  • How does the contract work?
    You’ll sign a contract (one year, renewable) with our Singapore HQ. This ensures you’re well-protected under Singapore’s world-class legal framework, including protections for intellectual property, privacy, and data security.
  • What if I want to go direct in the future and open my own entity?
    We accommodate this through our contract’s Build-Operate-Transfer provision. After two years, you will gain an ongoing option to take your team in-house. This may be a viable choice for teams who have scaled substantially to 20 or more staff. The Sibyl team will help facilitate this transfer option, should you wish to exercise it. This makes the development of your talents and your partnership with Sibyl Teams investable for the long term.
  • Who do my remote staff work for?
    We go to great lengths to ensure all your remote staff feel like they are working directly for you, and not us. It’s your company that will be on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and so on. It’s your company name on the office door, not ours, and our team will help to implement and import your company culture, traditions, and ways of working into your insourced team. A few of our clients have done press releases about their expansion into Vietnam and their opening of office. The remote team’s relationship with Sibyl Teams is limited to the legal aspect of their employment contracts, office management, finance, and HR administration. This is your team.
  • How do I manage daily operations? What about vacation days and expenses?
    We take care of everything for you, and effectively act as your local HR, office manager, and finance manager. If, for example, one of your team wants to take a vacation day, they check in with you, and after we’re informed, we’ll take care of everything else, including maintaining their leave balances. We can reimburse staff expenses, as needed, as part of our procurement services.
  • Are my physical assets, like computers, secure?
    Yes. All our offices have building security and locking doors. As part of our services, we also maintain an IT asset tracker for you, including serial numbers, for depreciation accounting and audit purposes. We can also accommodate photographic stock takes, free of charge, once per year if you need them.
  • How do I manage my insourced team?
    The same way as you’d manage any other employee or team. We recommend fully integrating your Vietnam team into your culture, rituals, workflows, tools, and technologies. Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant, international metropolis and many Vietnamese have extensive experience dealing with people from around the world. The Sibyl team can help you with some further tips & tricks about Vietnamese culture that will make it a great experience for both you and your staff.

About Sibyl Teams

Sibyl Teams Eyeball

Headquartered in Singapore, with a subsidiary in Vietnam, we have been unlocking Asia’s potential for global clients since 2018.


CEO Theo Sanders has served in senior management roles in technology & entertainment for 20 years, and has advised numerous startups and corporates on product strategy, go-to-market and organizational strategies. Sibyl Teams staff are based in Vietnam, Singapore, and the UK.

Singapore HQ 


Sibyl Entertainment Pte. Ltd.

160 Robinson Rd., #14-04

Singapore 068914 

Cong Ty TNHH Sibyl Vietnam

Bitexco Financial Tower Level 46 District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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